Drink the Wild Air


Drink the Wild Air


UPDATE: February 4, 2015

Drink the Wild Air 2015 is on March 20 – 22. We are in the process of transitioning to a new website, but we do have more information and registration available at http://dtwa2015.eventbrite.ca. We look forward to seeing you at Kamp Kiwanis!




Drink the Wild Air 2014!

NOW OVER BUT CHECK OUT WHAT HAPPENED February 21-23, 2014 at Kamp Kiwanis

animated video here


drinking hot chocolate

a hot drink while writing in the mountains is perfect


Thaw your brainfreeze with warm words in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains. After outdoor guides (aka Kim and Lisa) take you outside, Drink the Wild Air, toe to toe with snow drifts and among tall evergreens, you’ll return inside to write beside the crackling fire (or at least indoor heating) while sipping on cocoa. This weekend is designed to reconnect with your WordsWorth community, meet new writer-friends and give you a much-needed writing vacation.

What! The outdoors? You are about to embark on an adventurea journey into your own ideas that will be full of surpriseschallenges, and revelations via winter larping, snowy winter hikes, and team building exercises led by outdoor enthusiasts (again, this would be Kim and Lisa). You will be given a foundation on which to build solid, beautiful, and long-lasting words and friendships. Indoor  and outdoor writing sessions will be led by Alexandra Writing Centre RIO’s club Mentor and WordsWorth instructor KIM FIRMSTON and WordsWorth Director Lisa Murphy-Lamb.

Retreat will begin Friday, February 21 at 5:00 pm at WATSON LODGE at Kamp Kiwanis. Participants will need to be picked up from Kamp Kiwanis after the retreat ends on Sunday, February 23, 1:00 pm.

The retreat is for young writers ages 12-19. REGISTRATION below!
Cost: $185. Bursaries (full and partial) available.

Course One:

Epic Storytelling through LARPing

Take the ancient form of the Epic (a vast poetic story starting with an invocation to a muse and often incurring the intervention, for better or worse, of the supernatural) and couple that with LARPing (Live Action Role Playing – or running around in the snow using swords and magic spells) and what do you get? The most invigorating writing activity you’ve ever experienced. Track, quest, and journey, then tell the story around the fire with your fellow adventurers. Create a modern epic for all time. (Weapons and magic spells included).


kimKim Firmston is a real life mutant – though one without any cool powers. When she is not writing or cursing obvious villain mistakes, she warps young minds in her Reality is Optional Kid’s Writing Club and DramAntics Youth Theatre Camp. Kim has written and produced many plays and published four novels (one of them by herself). Kim encourages play, be it in her classes or on her interactive websites. She has also been known to build diabolical devices out of cardboard and old chip bags with prominent DO NOT PUSH buttons.


Course Two

The Story That Never Happened

Create photo evidence suggesting that you went on an adventure that really didn’t happen. With a camera and a pair of boots, make a photolog of a day in the life of an invisible /guilty/creative/adventurous man or woman. You create the story and the evidence outdoors in the woods and then back in the lodge you use this story that never happened in a piece of writing. Will there be an alibi? Can you create dialogue that talks about what happened without mentioning the story that never happened? Oh, so much planning and creating about nothing!

Instructor Lisa Murphy-Lamb has been involved with WordsWorth, both winter but lisamostly summer, since  moving back to Alberta in 2009 after teaching with Writers in the Schools, an organization she is still involved with. A teacher, writer, photographer and mother, Lisa owns a heavy winter jacket and warm winter boots and is not afraid to use them. She fully supports writers to write but she also urges them to get out into the woods with swords, magic potions, cameras and imaginations.

 Course Three (details coming!)

WW Photo


Instructor Colin Matty: Colin is a writer and performance artist based out of Edmonton. He is a senior member of RapidFire Theatre, an improv company based out of the citadel, written and performed in dozens of festivals, and has found national acclaim in Canada’s poetry circuit, having won the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word 2011 Slam Championship as a member of team Edmonton. His current projects range from script writing and improvisation to touring his work around the country. This is Colin’s second year with Camp WordsWorth.

Drink the Wild Air: A Winter Retreat for Young Writers took place March 1 – 3, 2013 at Camp Chief Hector YMCA in Kananaskis, Alberta.

winter at camp chief hector


Registering for Drink the Wild Air is now open


 Want to be on the mailing list?  

There are several ways you can register and pay for your registration:

  1. Register online with credit card: Choose your registration on the EventBrite page and click on the “Register” button. Fill out the form and click the “Pay Now” button. You will be prompted for your credit card number. When you’re finished, your registration is secured and paid for!
  2. Register online and pay with cheque: Choose your registration on the EventBrite page. Ignore the “Register” button and click instead on “Show Other Payment Options” (underneath the “Register” button). You should see a button called “Pay Offline”; click that button. Fill out the form and click on “Pay With Cheque”. Your registration is secured, now you just need to send us your cheque!
  3. Register by mail: Choose your registration on the EventBrite page and click on the “Register” button. You can either print out the form and fill it out by hand, or fill out the form on the computer and then print it (please check over the form after printing to make sure all your answers are included). Mail the form with payment to our office (Writers’ Guild of Alberta, 11759 Groat Road NW, Edmonton, AB, T5M 3K6). If you are unable to access the form online, let us know and we’ll send you one. Your registration is NOT secured until the form arrives at our office.

Please have the following on hand to make your registration quick and easy:

  • Alberta Health Care number (or other health care number if you’re an out of province resident)
  • Any additional health insurance information
  • Information about any prescription medications the participant is taking
  • The name and contact information of at least one emergency contact if parent/guardian is unreachable

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